How to Grow Vegetables in the Summer


Growing summer vegetables requires knowing the planting schedules of your desired plants and having a well-prepared garden in the spring. Some vegetable varieties are more cold resistant than others, while some varieties do well in the summer, such as squash, pumpkin and tomato plants. Checking your planting zone and determining the growth cycle of the seeds you are growing will make a successful summer garden.

Step 1

Plan the size and shape of your garden on paper. Write the varieties you wish to grow and their potential growing times. Most vegetables that mature during the summer require a planting in April or May, such as beans, beets and broccoli.

Step 2

Sow seeds into the soil after the last frost and according to their planting time. Place the seeds in a furrow no more than three to four times the size of the seed itself. Spring seeds for summer vegetables require less depth than fall plantings, so do not bury the plant too deep.

Step 3

Remove excessive seedlings form the soil once the seeds have germinated and begin showing above the soil. Do this before the seedlings begin competing with the others for light, says Iowa State University Extension.

Step 4

Place tall crops on the side of the garden so that they do not compete for light with other plants in the garden.

Step 5

Group the plants by length of growing period, suggests Clemson Cooperative Extension. This allows you to grow fall vegetables as the summer vegetables are harvested.

Step 6

Water the plants regularly, ensuring the soil does not dry out. About 1 inch of water per week is sufficient.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed
  • Shovel


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