How to Dry Flowers for Crafts


When it comes to making crafts, there are an unlimited number of things you can do with dried flowers. From recipe boxes and bookmarks, to photo books and handmade journals, dried flowers can be used for nearly any and every craft project that has a flat surface. To dry flowers for crafts you'll need to press them while they are in full bloom so they retain their beautiful color and shape.

Step 1

Fold a few sheets of newspaper to make a flat surface approximately 10 by 10 inches. Set two or three pieces of paper towels or printer paper down over the newspaper.

Step 2

Pick the flowers you want to use and lay them down on the paper as flat as possible. Don't let the flowers touch or they will dry to each other. Good plants to press include whole pansies and buttercups, and petals from roses, nasturtiums or clematis.

Step 3

Set two more sheets of paper towels or printer paper over the flowers or petals. Make sure the flowers will be flattened evenly under the paper and the petals will not be bent over but smoothed flat.

Step 4

Fold and place more sheets of newspaper over the paper towel or printer paper. Place a heavy book over the newspaper and leave the papers undisturbed for a month as the flowers dry flat.

Step 5

Store your dry flowers in labeled envelopes or in a shoebox with a lid until you are ready to use them. The longer the petals are stored the more brittle they may become, so using them within a year is recommended.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Paper towels or printer paper
  • Heavy book
  • Envelope or shoebox


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