Ideas for Landscaping Front Lawns

Lush green grass is all well and good, but it takes more than great lawn care to add interest to your front yard. Landscaping front lawns requires careful planning to create attractive landscaping without creating too busy a scene.

Low-Water Landscaping

Lawn grass requires a large amount of water. If you live in an area with little rain, such as the Southwestern United States, consider using lower-water plants. Cacti, succulents and desert plants such as sage and oleander will give your front lawn an interesting and unusual look. Use small patches of grass for play areas to reap the benefits of a front lawn without the water expense.

Evergreen Screen

If you want privacy for your front lawn, but security is not a primary concern, consider planting an evergreen screen around your lawn. Hedges such as boxwoods, spruce trees and many other evergreen plants will create an all-year privacy barrier while giving your yard a green, natural surrounding that a fence simply can't deliver. Completely surround your lawn like a fence or simply screen the front of the lawn to give a more open feel.

Footpath Decor

Even if you take great care of your grass, a plain expanse of green can be a bit boring. Add interest by decorating the footpath that crosses your lawn. Outline the footpath with a thin layer of stones on each side in a different color than the central path. Then, surround the path with flowers or low shrubs. You may also wish to create a meandering path, sweeping slightly back and forth across your yard in an interesting design. Line the edges with solar lights to create evening and nighttime illumination.

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