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Founded in 1868 in Marysville, Ohio, the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has grown since its modest beginning and now produces its line of lawn products for home, public and commercial lawns in America and around the world. As the umbrella company for several lawn and garden brands, the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is one of the largest lawn-care companies in their industry. Some other popular brands under the Scotts name include Miracle-Gro, Roundup, Ortho, Osmocote, Evergreen and Fertiligene.


Soil preparation is the first step to producing a beautiful lawn. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company produces soil products for your lawn--Scotts Turf Builder Seeding Soil and Scotts Premium Topsoil. The Scotts Turf Building Seeding Soil is a blend of soil ingredients that include compost, fertilizer and sphagnum peat moss that help the grass seed grow stronger and thicker. Spread the seeding soil to 1-inch thickness over the native soil and mix it into the native soil. After spreading the seeds over the amended soil, top them with a thin soil of the seeding soil to promote healthy grass seed germination and growth. The Scotts Premium Topsoil is an organic blend of soil materials, including peat moss that is free of sticks and rocks. This topsoil product is ideal for lawn development without added fertilizers. Spread over the existing native soil 2 to 6 inches deep and rototill the soil to mix it evenly with the native soil.

Grass Seed

Products include grass seeds for total lawn coverage, grass seed that is easier to grow than standard seeds, grass seed products that repair patches in your lawn and a special mix of grass seed used on professional Major League Baseball fields. The Turf Builder Grass Seeds are formulated for different lawn types. Scotts produces several grass seed mixtures, including perennial rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue grass, as well as formulas for shaded or sunny lawns, high-traffic lawns and lawns in very hot temperatures. Scotts also produces grass seed specialized for fall planting.

Lawn Fertilizer

Once the lawn is established, there are several products that enrich existing lawns and promote the growth of denser turf. Lawn fertilizers types include fertilizer for fall applications, which promotes root growth for the following spring, and fertilizers that can be applied at any time of the year. Some of the fertilizers are specialized for new lawns, while others combine formulas for controlling weeds and bugs.

Grubs, Fungi and Moss Control

Established lawns often face invasion by weeds, fungi and pests, including grubs. Scotts produces lawn-care products for these problems. Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer stops the growth of several weeds on a lawn. Scotts Lawn Fungus Control tackles several fungi that discolor grass and eventually kills patches of the lawn, such as brown patch and dollar spot. Scotts GrubEx 1 Season-Long Grub Killer keeps these critters from damaging your lawn.


Scotts makes it easy to evenly spread grass seeds, fertilizers, weed killers and insect control with its line of spreaders. Included are a small hand-held spreader, push drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders. Spreader models vary in their capacity. The smaller spreaders can hold up to 5,000 square feet of product, while the larger models go up to 15,000 square feet capacity.

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