How to Create a Patio Garden


No matter the size of your patio area, you can turn it into an inviting environment by creating a patio garden. Your patio garden can be flowers, small trees, vegetables or any combination of plants, shrubs and trees. Be creative with the containers you use for your patio garden and use traditional pots and urns with baskets and found objects. Pedestals and hanging pots and baskets can make your patio garden surround the area.

Create an Urban Patio Garden

Step 1

Chose a theme for your patio garden. It will be easier to select plants, containers and accessories for your garden if you have a theme for it. Popular patio garden themes are Mediterranean, old English, country, rustic and contemporary.

Step 2

Acquire pots, vessels, baskets and other containers that fit your theme and the space of your patio. Select containers of various sizes and some that can be hung or attached to a wall.

Step 3

Plant the plants you have bought that are reflective of your theme and will thrive in the growing environment of your patio. In other words, if your patio receives full sun all day, the plants should be ones that grow well in full sun. For partial shade, choose plants that grow well in partial shade.

Step 4

Add accessories to your patio garden. Depending on your theme, accent accessories can tie all the planted containers together. For Mediterranean gardens, small water fountains and statues make wonderful complementary accessories. Small wooden wagons, tricycles or doll carriages and wheelbarrows add to old English or rustic gardens. Accessories that match your patio garden theme need not be large or overbearing but can be subtle accents that visually complement the plants and theme. Let your imagination and creativity work, and shop flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales to find your patio garden accessories.

Step 5

Check the moisture content of the soil in your patio garden containers daily. Soil in containers, particularly terracotta, dries out quicker than ground soil. By inserting your finger into the soil every day to check if the soil feels moist, you will be able to determine if it is time to water your patio garden plants. Generally, during the summer, patio gardens should be watered once a day, or twice a day on very hot days.

Things You'll Need

  • Plants
  • Containers
  • Quality potting soil
  • Water
  • Accessories (optional)


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