How to Plant a La Peppermint Camellia


The La Peppermint camellia (Camellia japonica) is aptly named since the 3- to 5-inch wide flowers resemble a piece of peppermint candy. It is a profusely blooming camellia that grows to approximately 4 to 5 feet tall. The La Peppermint camellia can be grown as a shrub, or as a striking centerpiece to any garden. Plant the La Peppermint camellia in late fall or early spring and make sure it is given humus-rich soil.

Step 1

Choose a suitable planting site for the La Peppermint camellia. The ideal site should be well away from shallow rooted trees that can interfere with the growth of the camellia, as suggested by the American Camellia Society. The location should also provide partial shade in cooler northern climates and full shade to dappled shade in hotter southern climates.

Step 2

Turn over the soil in the planting site down to a depth of between 12 and 14 inches if planting a La Peppermint camellia in a 1-gallon pot. Turn over the soil down to a depth of between 14 and 16 inches if planting from a 5-gallon planting pot.

Step 3

Amend the soil in the planting site. If the soil is sandy, or light, spread out a 2 to 3 inch layer of pine bark, oak leaf mold, or sphagnum moss. Spread out a 2- to 3-inch layer of coarse sand or perlite if the soil is heavy or adobe-like. If the soil has good drainage and is acceptably fertile, spread out a 2- to 3-inch layer of aged manure or sawdust. Incorporate the soil amendment thoroughly into the soil using a spade, or garden fork.

Step 4

Cut along the sides of the growing container, beginning at a drain hole, using a pair of all-purpose snips. Do this in three to four sections along the container until you can peel off the plastic to expose the root ball of the La Peppermint camellia.

Step 5

Wash off approximately 1 inch of the soil from the root ball of the La Peppermint camellia. Loosen any entangled or matted roots using your fingers.

Step 6

Plant the La Peppermint camellia into the planting hole. Make sure its sitting vertical in the planting hole. Inspect the camellia to make sure it is not sitting too deep in the planting hole. The top of the root ball should be sitting at the same height to the adjacent soil as it is currently growing at.

Step 7

Scoop in garden soil in and around the root ball of the La Peppermint camellia to fill the planting hole 2/3 full of soil. Pour in 2 to 3 gallons of water and fill the remainder of the hole with soil as soon as the water has dissipated.

Things You'll Need

  • La Peppermint camellia
  • Spade
  • Pine bark, oak leaf mold, sphagnum moss, coarse sand, perlite or aged manure
  • Snips
  • Garden fork


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