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Flowers dress up a particular spot with their natural beauty. They are inexpensive, colorful, cheer up a person's mood and add a lightness to any room they are placed in. Use fresh or silk flowers to make a beautiful, well-rounded floral arrangement. Use different colored flowers for bright arrangements, or coordinate them to match the color theme of a particular area. Although florists make bouquets with all kinds of flowers, shapes, sizes and piece range, making it yourself is a creative process that also helps relax you.

Step 1

Pour water into your vase until it is half full. Depending on personal taste, use a traditional clear or colored glass, ceramic, tile or wooden vase, or use something creative such as a kitchen jug or tall, wide bottle. Add a layer of colored marbles to a clear glass vase to enhance its appeal.

Step 2

Inspect the flowers and foliage, and snip off damaged or diseased parts. Stand a flower outside your vase and determine how long you want to keep it. Snip excess stem length off with a sharp pair of scissors, making a sloped cut as opposed to a straight one. Hold this stem against the other stems and cut them to size accordingly.

Step 3

Hold the larger flowers and arrange them so the blooms are at the same level. Space them sufficiently apart so they do not touch each other. If all the flowers you are using are of the same size, hold the central flowers an inch higher than the remaining ones, and secure them together with an elastic band. Wind it around the middle of the stems.

Step 4

Add the remaining flowers around the central ones so your arrangement becomes fuller and dome shaped. Make sure the blooms do not touch, but space them apart so they stand out. You can also add stems of tiny accent foliage such as baby's breath between the surrounding flowers for visual appeal.

Step 5

Lower the flower arrangement into your vase. Remove some flowers if you add too many, so they rest in the vase comfortably. Also edge the arrangement with magnolia or camellia leaves to give it a fuller look, or baby's breath for a subtle appearance. Foliage frames the flowers and makes the arrangement more beautiful.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Water
  • Colored marbles
  • Flowers
  • Foliage
  • Scissors
  • Elastic band


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