How to Properly Plant a Seed


A seed contains everything needed to form a new plant, except for moisture, warmth and nutrients. Seeds for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees can be purchased locally at nurseries and retailers or online through seed distribution companies. Seeds can also be collected from existing plants during the late stages of the growth cycle. Thoroughly dry and store collected seeds in a cool, dark location until planting time.

Step 1

Fill peat pots with slightly moistened seed-starting potting mix. Seed-starting mixes contain fertilizers and perlite that improve drainage and nutrient levels so seeds get a healthy start.

Step 2

Sow seeds at a depth equal to or twice the width of the seed. Most seed packets offer more specific instructions about planting depth. Place two to four seeds in each pot. Once sprouted, all but the strongest seedlings can be removed.

Step 3

Cover with a thin layer of potting soil and water lightly to set the seeds in place.

Step 4

Place peat pots on a tray and cover with a layer of clear plastic wrap. This helps to retain moisture and warmth needed for germination.

Step 5

Place the tray in a warm, sunny area. In most locations a southern-facing window offers adequate sunlight.

Step 6

During germination keep soil slightly moist but not soggy.

Step 7

Remove plastic wrap when seeds have sprouted. Germination can take from three to 30 days, depending on what is being grown.

Things You'll Need

  • Seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Peat pots
  • Plastic wrap
  • Water


  • Plant Physiology Information Website: Seed Germination
  • Kids Garden News: Seed (Sexual) Propagation

Who Can Help

  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and Shrubs
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