How to Care for Pansy Plants


In spite of what their name implies, pansies are anything but weak. Pansies are tough plants that will bloom in spring several weeks earlier than most perennials and will continue to produce flowers all summer long with very little care. Pansies are fast-growers that will grow in nearly any well-drained soil and can tolerate hot weather and drought.

Step 1

Plant pansies in a sunny spot. Although pansies will grow in partial shade, the blooms will be smaller and the plants will be tall and spindly. Cultivate the soil in the planting area to a depth of 8 inches, using a hoe or a garden fork. Work 2 inches of compost or decomposed manure into the top of the soil.

Step 2

Water pansies once every week during spring and summer. An inch of water at the base of the pansy plant is adequate. Water pansies in the morning, so excess moisture has time to evaporate before evening.

Step 3

Fertilize pansies every three to four weeks during spring and fall. Use a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10, applied at the rate of 1 tsp. of fertilizer for every square foot of planting area.

Step 4

Pinch pansy blooms as soon as they wilt. Pinching, or deadheading, the blooms at the base of the stem will enable to plant to bloom as long as possible and will create a bushy, compact plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Hoe or garden fork
  • Compost or decomposed manure
  • General-purpose granular fertilizer


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