How to Pick Flowers of Young Fruit Trees


Proper care is essential in order to raise young fruit trees into mature ones that produce large and high quality harvests. While it's true that fruit trees often produce more fruit that they can handle, picking their flowers while they are in bloom is not the answer. However, if you wish to pick a few flowers, perhaps to enjoy their sweet fragrance indoors, you can in moderation.

Step 1

Generally limit picking or cutting off the flowers of your young fruit trees. Rather, wait until the fruit actually begins to develop and the flowers have dropped. It should then cut off some of the small fruits in order to help the remaining fruits thrive and grow to be big and healthy. Note that each fruit tree is different on how to prune at this time

Step 2

Pick the flowers you wish to pick in the morning when it is cooler and the flowers are the most hydrated and will last the longest.

Step 3

Cut the flowers off with a pair of hand clippers. Clip just below the blooms and leave the branches intact, if possible. But if you want to cut some of the stem for easy handling and to use in floral displays, cut the blossoms off the tips of the thinnest branches.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand clippers


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