Contemporary Landscaping Ideas

Your landscape should reflect your vision and your time. Neoclassical cherubic fountains and wrought iron fences have their place, but a more modern touch can often give a landscape an immediacy and relevance that older, more formal looks simply lack. Whether you are decorating a small garden or a large estate, use modern landscaping touches to keep it hip and current.

Contain It

A container garden allows endless landscaping variation at an extremely reasonable cost. Begin by amassing a collection of attractive pots, such as terra-cotta planters or glazed, clay containers. Plant flowers, ferns, small trees and any other plants that fit your fancy in them and place each pot in an ideal location to get the right amount of sunlight for the plant it contains until your plants are well established. In the summer, create a continuous flowering display in your front entryway by moving whatever is in bloom onto your porch. Line your paths with flower pots or surround your patio with plants to help set the mood for a party. Stack your pots in pyramids to create cascading displays of greenery. The possibilities for experimentation are endless! And when winter comes around, you can take fragile perennials indoors, allowing you to easily grow plants that would normally not tolerate your environment.

Go Native

It can be tempting to fill your garden with strange and exotic plants from every corner of the globe, but there is a lot to be said for going native. Native plants will naturally harmonize with your local landscape, giving your garden a balance hard to achieve with exotic specimen plants. Native plants will already be well adapted to the climate, and probably your soil conditions as well, making it easier to grow a healthy garden without labor fertilizing and soil amendmant and environmentally costly watering. By growing native plants, you will be doing your part to help preserve the local ecosystem and discourage invasive species.

Use Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

People often go to great lengths to make stone, wood and other landscaping materials look old, but there is a far easier solution: use reclaimed materials. Reclaiming and recycling centers sell old lumber, bricks and other construction materials which will bring a distressed, aged look to your landscape and save you money. You can even reclaim materials not normally used outdoors to give your landscape a funky, recycled look to it, like a clawfoot tub planter or kitchen sink fountain. Many housing fixtures from reuse centers can serve some creative landscaping use.

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