How to Daisy Chain Flowers


Transport yourself back to your childhood by making a daisy chain. Although this timeless chain specifies daisies, you can use any flower with a single blossom on the end of a long stem to create a daisy chain. Weave a daisy chain as long as you like to create a necklace or a crown of flowers.

Step 1

Pick a generous amount of clover or daisies to make a daisy chain. A crown of flowers might use approximately 25 small flowers. A medium-size necklace might use approximately 40 small flowers.

Step 2

Make a slit immediately beneath each blossom. Simply use your fingernail or use a sharp knife. If the flower stem is especially slender, you may have more success using the knife.

Step 3

Insert the stem of one blossom through the slit of another blossom and push the stem through the slit until the two flowers are snugly against each other.

Step 4

Insert both stems through the slit of another blossom, and push the stems through the slit until you have three flowers snugly against each other.

Step 5

Continue adding flowers in the same fashion until your daisy chain is as long as you like.

Step 6

Connect the two ends of the daisy chain with twist tie. Bring the stem end around to the flower end of the chain, and overlap the flower end of the chain over the stem end by approximately 2 inches. Position the twist tie over the overlapped ends and twist it firmly to connect the two ends.

Things You'll Need

  • Clover or daisies
  • Pocket knife (optional)
  • Green twist tie (to match the flower stems)


  • Arts and Music: Daisy Chain/Fairy Crowns
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