How to Grow Last Year's Geraniums


As summer passes into autumn, a gardener may survey his successful landscape looking for plants to carry over to the next growing season. Geraniums are a flowering annual that you can save over the winter months and grow again the following summer. By hanging the bare root geraniums in a cool basement, they will stay dormant over the winter. In early spring, wake them up and grow last year's geraniums in your pots and flower gardens.

Step 1

Remove the hanging geraniums from their basement location in very early spring. Check each geranium carefully for indications of decay. If you find geraniums with soft or blackened areas, discard these geraniums.

Step 2

Fill one container approximately three-quarters full of potting soil for each geranium plant.

Step 3

Plant each bare root geranium in a container carefully, ensuring that you do not damage the fragile root systems as you place them in the soil. Add a small amount of additional potting soil around the geraniums and firm the soil with your hands.

Step 4

Cut back each geranium plant with the pruning shears to leave only one-third of its original size.

Step 5

Water the newly planted geraniums generously after planting to moisten the potting soil thoroughly.

Step 6

Place the containers in an indoor location that receives direct sunlight. Keep the soil evenly moist by watering lightly before the soil dries.

Step 7

Move the geraniums outdoors during the daylight hours after all threat of frost ends. Keep the geraniums in this location during the day and bring them back indoors at night for approximately two weeks to acclimate the geraniums to outdoor conditions.

Step 8

Plant the geraniums in their permanent summer locations after the two weeks of hardening-off elapses.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 container for each bare root geranium (8-inch diameter)
  • Potting soil
  • Pruning shears


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