How to Care for a Cyclamen Flower


Cyclamen flowers share their cheery blooms throughout the winter months, just when a gardener may need the boost. When you provide a potted cyclamen with a cool environment and proper light conditions, the plant will respond with lovely blossoms and large, healthy foliage. Care for a cyclamen flower to encourage reblooming after the initial bloom and your beautiful plant may continue thriving for many years.

Step 1

Place a cyclamen plant in a location with daily temperatures in the lower 60s F and nightly temperatures in the lower 50s F. Keep the cyclamen out of direct sunlight for best results. Indirect sunlight is suitable.

Step 2

Water the cyclamen when the potting soil dries in the upper inch of soil. Pour water into the planting container around the edges without saturating the roots of the cyclamen with water. Water until the soil is evenly moist but not until standing water occurs.

Step 3

Deadhead a blooming cyclamen by pulling the entire flower stem up from the base of the cyclamen. Discard the stems after pulling them.

Step 4

Move the cyclamen to a shady location after it finishes blooming. Water the cyclamen once or twice per month only enough to moisten the soil. Leave the cyclamen in this location until you notice new growth occurring on the plant.

Step 5

Place the cyclamen into a location with full and direct sunlight after it leaves dormancy in the autumn. Water the cyclamen generously when you first move it. Resume the previous watering schedule at this time.

Step 6

Fertilize the cyclamen once per month by mixing fertilizer with water according to the package recommendations.

Step 7

Ensure the cyclamen has the same temperature in its environment (lower 60s F and lower 50s F) to enable the plant to re-bloom during the upcoming winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Houseplant fertilizer (water-soluble)


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