How to Pick Blackberries in Houston, Texas


Blackberries (Rubus sp.) grow well in Houston, Texas, which is located in USDA plant hardiness zone 7. In fact, Houston has the perfect climate for growing blackberries. If you live in the Houston area and have home-grown or wild blackberries that you wish to pick, they are generally ready to harvest in the late spring and early summer, typically from the middle of May through June. Freshly harvested blackberries not only are excellent to eat plain, they can also be made into jams, pies and preserves, just to name a few uses.

Step 1

Harvest blackberries in the morning. Houston's May and June temperatures can be scorching hot and the heat will spoil the fruit more quickly after harvesting than during the morning's cooler temperatures.

Step 2

Pick blackberries with your hands by simply pulling ripe (completely black) berries. Place them in a container, such as a bucket. Most blackberry bushes have thorns, so be careful.

Step 3

Remove your picked berries from the hot Houston sun and place the ones that you don't plan to consume or use within a day into the refrigerator. Unrefrigerated blackberries will spoil in a day.

Step 4

Pick your blackberries every three days to allow the next set of ripe fruit enough time to become sweet.

Things You'll Need

  • Collection container


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