How to Grow Bean Seed in Cotton & Water


Watching bean seeds grow into to a bean plant is a common science project for young children. Bean seeds that are placed in a jar with moist cotton germinate rapidly. The cotton retains the moisture for the seeds and provides just enough for them to germinate. It also keeps the seeds from getting too moist and rotting. Once germinated, the seedlings can be dissected if it's a science experiment, or they can be transplanted right into your garden.

Step 1

Moisten enough cotton balls to cover the bottom of a cup or plastic bag. The cotton should be damp but not dripping.

Step 2

Place the cotton balls at the bottom of the cup or plastic bag.

Step 3

Place the number of bean seeds you want to germinate on top of the cotton.

Step 4

Close the plastic bag or cover the cup with plastic wrap. Place the bags or cups in a sunny window and watch for germination.

Step 5

Transplant the germinated bean plants into your garden if you want to grow them to mature size.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic cups or bags
  • Cotton balls
  • Water
  • Bean seeds
  • Plastic wrap


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