Window Box Ideas for Christmas

A Christmas window box is a chance to bring a warm, friendly touch to the coldest reaches of winter. Whether you prefer traditional Christmas window boxes filled with staid, winter greenery or more modern displays only constrained by imagination, use your Christmas window display to share a bit of holiday spirit with the neighborhood.

Christmas Topiaries

If you want to give your window box a classic Christmas look without all the work involved, purchase Christmas topiaries a few days before the holiday. Place evergreen trees, ivy, mistletoe and other holiday plants in your Christmas window box without removing them from their pots. Adorn them with miniature lights or leave them as is for a simpler display. Once Christmas is over, you can easily remove them and grow them inside to add a little bit of color for the rest of the winter season.

Colonial Christmas

To bring a warm look to a cold Christmas day, try the Colonial Christmas window box from My Home Ideas. Fill your window box with pine boughs, palm leaves or other greenery to create a base, then create your tropical scene. Add fruits like oranges, pineapples and papayas to create a festive equitorial Christmas display. If you live in a cold climate, so much the better. The low temperatures will help to keep the fruit fresh.

Crafty Christmas

Bring your children in on the fun to create a crafty Christmas window box. Cover pine cones in white glue, and then roll them in glitter to create children's Christmas ornaments. Add paper snowflakes, Christmas drawings and other seasonal homemade crafts for a decorating activity for the whole family.

Christmas Toys

Use cheap and old toys to evoke the Christmas spirit of giving. Purchase inexpensive nutcrackers and add old action figures, toy cars, dolls and puppets to your window box. Hang stockings under the box or decorate the whole window display with miniature lights to add to the Christmas morning vibe.

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