How to Grow Fig Trees in a Screen Enclosure


Regardless of whether you want to grow an ornamental fig, such as Ficus benjamina, or an edible variety, Ficus carica, all fig trees have aggressive root systems. Their root systems are so aggressive that they easily destruct the foundations to houses, concrete driveways, porches or walkways. When considering planting a ficus tree in a screened enclosure, it is best to plant the tree inside of a container. This will allow for control of the fig's expanding root system, not allowing it to do damage to your house or other surroundings.

Step 1

Choose an area within your screened enclosure to place the fig tree, situated in full to partial sun. Fig trees require sunshine for proper growth and production of fruit.

Step 2

Select a container that is three to four times larger than the fig tree's root ball or its present container. This will give the tree enough space for the roots to grow and will alleviate the need for replanting too soon.

Step 3

Consider placing the container in the area of the screened enclosure where it will remain once filled, if you are transplanting a larger fig tree. Large containers, especially concrete ones, are quite heavy and hard to move once filled with a potting medium and the plant. Once you are finished planting the tree, it will already be in its chosen area.

Step 4

Fill the container one-half full of a potting mix that drains well and has some organic material in it. If your container is particularly large, consider filling the bottom quarter with cans or plastic bottles to lighten the load. They will also help in creating good drainage. Water the container.

Step 5

Remove the fig from its container. Break up any roots that are wrapping around each other in a circular direction. Make two to three vertical cuts through the root ball to allow the roots to properly grow and spread out. Leaving the roots growing in a circular direction will hinder proper growth of the tree.

Step 6

Place the fig inside of the container. Cover the root ball with soil, being sure to plant the tree no deeper than it was growing inside its original container.

Step 7

Situate the container in an area of the screened room that receives plenty of light, if you did not do this step already.

Step 8

Water the container until water runs out of the bottom. Continue watering the fig tree every other day until it establishes itself in the new potting material. Fig trees are relatively drought tolerant and require water once to twice per week when established.

Step 9

Fertilize container-grown figs with half a pound of a nitrogen-based fertilizer in four equally divided applications per year.

Step 10

Protect the fig tree from frosts or freezes by removing it from the screened enclosure and bringing it into a warm location. You can also hang holiday lights on the tree to produce heat or cover the tree with blankets.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Potting mix
  • Plastic bottles
  • Water
  • Knife
  • Fertilizer
  • Holiday lights
  • Blanket


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