Easiest Way to Kill Grass


Although many homeowners struggle to keep their lawns flush with grass, other might find the grass in their yard undesirable, or their yard or garden infiltrated with intrusive grass varieties. Killing grass is also a requirement when laying a new lawn with sod or laying seed. There is not one simple way to kill a large amount of grass, but with the correct cultivation practices and a few tricks working together, killing grass permanently is possible.

Step 1

Pour full strength vinegar onto grass that is popping up between sidewalks and walkways to kill it permanently. The Vinegar Institute suggests reapplying vinegar until the grass does not return.

Step 2

Apply a pre-emergence herbicide 2 to 3 weeks before the grass begins to germinate. Pre-emergence herbicides are best against annual grasses such as crabgrass. The University of Minnesota Extension suggests application in early May.

Step 3

Mark off the area of grass you wish to kill and move the sprinkler away from the area to reduce the amount of water the grass gets.

Step 4

Spray grass with a post-emergent herbicide in liquid form. The University of Colorado Extension recommends cutting slightly underneath the grass you wish to remove using a sharp spade to sever the grass roots. This prevents the spread of herbicide through the dirt.

Step 5

Cover the area of grass you wish to kill with overlapping sheets of newspaper. The University of Colorado Extension recommends the newspaper be 10 sheets thick over the grass. Cover the newspaper with a 4 inch layer of wood chips to keep the paper from blowing away. Spray the chips with water, because this helps heat up the area in the sun. Remove the paper after a few weeks. The grass will be dead because of a lack of light and water.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinegar
  • Newspaper
  • Herbicide
  • Spade
  • Wood chips


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