How to Build a Support for Pole Beans


Pole beans make economical use of garden space. According to horticulturalists at Cornell University, pole beans can produce two or three times the harvest of bush beans grown in the same space. You can train pole beans to climb fences or trellises, but most gardeners build simple tepee-like structures for the beans to climb. These supports can be easily assembled in spring and disassembled in fall and stored over the winter. They add a decorative element to the garden, forming rows of leafy green tents.

Step 1

Stand on the step stool and hold the three bamboo poles with the tips even.

Step 2

Bend the first 12 inches of the jute string into a loop. Slip the loop over the ends of all three poles and tie a slipknot.

Step 3

Wrap one hand around the top end of the poles to keep them together and use the other hand to spread the poles into a tripod.

Step 4

Wrap the long end of the string underneath one of the three poles, over the next pole, then under the third. Continue to wrap in this over-under fashion until you've wrapped the string around each pole twice.

Step 5

Wrap any remaining string around the outside of all three poles and tie a knot. Cut off any excess string.

Step 6

Spread the legs of the tripod until they are 4 feet apart. Push the ends of the poles into the dirt 3 or 4 inches to secure them.

Things You'll Need

  • Step stool
  • Three 8-foot bamboo poles
  • One yard jute string
  • Scissors


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Who Can Help

  • Virginia Cooperative Extension: Beans
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