Plastic Landscape Edging Ideas

Plastic has a bad reputation as a cheap and shabby looking landscaping material, which is largely undeserved. Modern plastic and vinyl edging products are durable, inexpensive and often attractive. Plastic edging is also a good choice for safety reasons. Should a child fall on plastic edging or a lawnmower operator accidentally run over it, it is much less likely to cause injury than metal edging.

Making Flower Beds

Use flexible, black plastic edging to define an invisible border for a flower bed. Dig the flower bed a few inches deep so the edge of the flexible edging is flush with the lawn in a curved, irregular pattern. Install the edging along the border the the grass. The edging will be almost invisible because it is flush with the grass, and it will prevent your lawn from spilling into the flower bed, creating a neat, unobtrusive edge.

Making a Vegetable Garden

Because plastic edging is inexpensive, relatively durable and easy to install, it lends itself to a number of utilitarian uses. Plastic landscape edging is an excellent tool for laying out a vegetable garden. use it to construct grids, sectioning off your garden into different areas for herbs, tomatoes and root vegetables before you plant. If you don't like the design, pull up the edging and start again until you find the perfect layout. Then, leave the edging in to help you keep track of your vegetables.

Picket Fences

Give your garden a more formal look with plastic picket fence edging. A white plastic picket fence has get the appeal of a metal fence without the danger. Line your garden paths with the fence or use it to enclose a raised flower bed or encircle a picnic spot. Because vinyl fences are inexpensive and easy to work with, you can also use a picket fence as a way to try out layouts for a more permanent wood or metal fence.

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