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Kalanchoe luciae is a succulent native to South Africa. Desirable for its large, thick, spatula-shaped leaves that turn blush red at the margins, the plant is often grown as a houseplant but can also be planted in the ground outdoors in desert climates. Kalanchoe luciae is more commonly called the pancake or flapjack plant due to the spatula shape of its leaves. This showy plant makes an excellent conversation piece and requires only basic culture.


Kalanchoe luciae is a succulent that cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. Home gardeners should only grow this plant outdoors in the ground in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness growing zones 9 through 11. Any frost will damage the plant, and hard freezes will kill it.


This hardy plant grows in full sunlight or partial shade. Too much shade, however, will fade the showy red colors of the leaves to green, according to information published by TCPalm. The brighter the light, the brighter the colors of the succulent.

Soil and Water

Kalanchoe luciae is tolerant of a wide range of soils, including salty soils. Container plants can be grown in a commercial potting soil marketed for cacti. The soil must be well-draining, however, as very wet or soggy soil will quickly cause the succulent's roots to rot. Once established, Kalanchoe luciae is very drought tolerant, according to TCPalm, and requires very little watering.


Kalanchoe luciae is not a heavy feeder, but it will benefit from a twice-yearly application of a slow-release, balanced (10-10-10) fertilizer containing micro-nutrients such as iron. Apply the fertilizer according to the instructions as per the age and size of the plant.


Kalanchoe luciae dies once the flowers, which bloom on tall stalks covered with a white inflorescence, wilt and fade. The plant produces offsets, however, which can be nurtured to replace the mother plant. Remove the mother plant and thin out the offsets according to your preferences.

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