How to Avoid Grass Getting Into the Garden When Lawn Edging


Taking time to attend to minute details like edging walkways and borders greatly benefits your landscape. One drawback to lawn edging, however, is messy grass that scatters on the surrounding areas. Avoid grass getting into the garden when lawn edging by preparing the area first.

Step 1

Spread the tarp over the edge of the garden to create a barrier between the area to be edged and the garden. Lay the tarp down at the soil level where the garden begins and spread it gently up and over the plants growing on the edge of the garden. If a fence surrounds your garden, place the tarp at the soil level of the fence and extend it up and over the top of the fence.

Step 2

Begin edging the lawn with the edger. Edge the lawn until you reach the point where the tarp ends and then stop.

Step 3

Rake away the grass you removed and place it into the garbage bag.

Step 4

Reposition the tarp further along the edge of the garden, creating a barrier the same way you did in step 1.

Step 5

Run the edger again along the edge of the lawn until you reach the point where the tarp ends. Stop the edger again when you reach the end of the tarp.

Step 6

Remove the cut grass again and discard it in the garbage bag before moving the tarp.

Step 7

Continue repositioning the tarp along the edge of the garden and operating the lawn edger along the tarp until the area is completely edged.

Things You'll Need

  • Large tarp
  • Rake
  • Garbage bag


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