Garden Ideas for a Small Pond

Garden ponds provide an attractive focal point to any outdoor space. You first have to choose what style of garden you are looking to create, a natural pond setting or one with more formal scenery. A small pond is a good starting project for a beginner. Adding your favorite plants, flowers and garden decor pulls the look together.


One of the highlights of a small pond garden is the edging that outlines the perimeter. Some of the most popular choices include rock, flagstone and brick. The edging of the small pond is important because it provides both style and camouflage. It can hide the pool liner, conceal the base of plants and cover up wiring and extension cords. Rock and stone is a good choice for a natural inspired garden. This look goes well with shady plants and natural elements. Large rocks can provide a sitting area or remain decorative. Flagstone allows for a more contemporary or casual look that would be appealing near a deck area or informal patio. The flagstone allows you to subtly show off your garden area full of colorful annuals. Brick edging provides a traditional and more upscale look if you are really looking to show off your garden pond. Brick can be natural or colored to match your decor.


Plants are an important part of your small pond garden. The natural color and tones of rock or stone gardens welcome brightly colored shaded plants that will accent the water. Lily of the Valley, Astilbe, Viola and Bleeding Hearts provide contrast that creates a natural feel. Hosta and ferns also make good fillers and provide constant foliage all summer long. Bright colored annuals such as begonias, geraniums and impatiens provide a wide awake look for the dark pond area. These annuals are versatile and are welcoming with brick or stone in both casual and formal garden settings. Bog plants such as water lilies and spikes can provide greenery and color to the inside of your pond.


For natural pond gardens, many homeowners choose to introduce koi, or goldfish, to the water. This is especially true if the garden is a focal point and there are benches and chairs around the perimeter for visual enjoyment. Another popular decor theme is oriental or Zen. Pagoda lanterns, gazing globes, a small bridge, ceramic fish and fountains provide nice visuals. The perimeter can be lined with solar lighting options for evening enjoyment.

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