Care of Fuchsia Hanging Plants


Fuchsia (Fuchsia x hybrida), with its glossy green leaves and delicately drooping blooms, is ideally suited for hanging containers. The bell-shaped flowers are available in light and dark shades of pink, magenta, purple, red and white, in both solid colors and combinations. Fuchia plants only require a few basic elements to grow.

Step 1

Plant fuchsia in a hanging container with good drainage, as fuchsia won't do well in soggy soil. Fill the container with a mixture of approximately 3/4 commercial potting mixture and 1/4 perlite.

Step 2

Water fuchsia at least once each day. During hot, dry weather, water the plant twice daily.

Step 3

Feed fuchsia a balanced liquid fertilizer every week. Fuchsia will benefit from regular fertilization on the same day each week.

Step 4

Place hanging fuchsias in morning sunlight, but protect them from hot afternoon sun. Locate fuchsia where the plant will be protected from hot, dry wind.

Step 5

Pinch off blooms after they wilt so the fuchsia will continue to bloom as long as possible. Allowing seedpods to develop will cause the plant to end blooming prematurely.

Step 6

Bring the fuchsia indoors before the first frost, as fuchsia is a tender plant that won't tolerate cold. Cut the stems down to 6 inches, then place the plant in a cool room with temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees F. Water the plant sparingly, but don't allow the soil to become bone dry. Bring the plant back into warmth and light in spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Hanging container
  • Commercial potting mixture
  • Perlite
  • Liquid fertilizer


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