How to Make a Trellis Out of Sticks


Many vines and climbing plants need a good trellis to support them and encourage vertical growth. While there are a large variety of trellises to choose from at any home or garden center, you can make a trellis out of sticks to create a more natural and inexpensive trellis for your garden. When you make your own trellis, you can decide how large you want it to be so it can fit a small planter or go directly into the ground.

Step 1

Determine the size of your trellis based on your planting needs. Once you have selected a vertical height for the trellis, halve that number to determine the width of the trellis. A 6 foot tall trellis in this case would be made 3 feet wide.

Step 2

Collect sticks that are approximately one inch in diameter to make long vertical pieces and shorter horizontal pieces. Collect enough of each to use two for every foot tall or wide the trellis will be. For example, a 4-by-2-foot trellis would use eight vertical sticks and four horizontal ones.

Step 3

Lay down your two sturdiest vertical supports on the ground spaced as wide as you need them for your size trellis. Space all of your other vertical support pieces evenly between these two outer pieces.

Step 4

Start at the top of the trellis and begin to lay down your horizontal pieces, one at a time, spaced about six inches apart. When you set the last horizontal support down it should rest about six inches up from the bottom of the vertical sticks.

Step 5

Cut lengths of twine or leather cording approximately 16 to 18 inches long for each intersection of your trellis. Secure the trellis by holding three inches of an end of cording out from an intersection. Loop around the intersection in a figure eight pattern to run behind the vertical stick and cross in front of the horizontal piece over and over until only three inches of cording remain on the other end. Tie the ends together with a square knot.

Step 6

Continue attaching twine until all of the intersections have been secured. Plant the trellis either into a container or in the ground by pushing the base of the vertical sticks into the soil until you reach the first horizontal stick.

Things You'll Need

  • Sticks
  • Measuring tape
  • Twine or leather cording
  • Scissors


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