How to Get Rid of All the Weeds in a Lawn


Weeds can be a huge problem if you are looking to have a healthy lawn. The weeds starve the grass of essential nutrients. If the weeds are not removed, you will begin to see them take over the lawn. If you have a large number of weeds across your lawn, hand pulling is not the best option. You can, however, create a homemade herbicide and spray those pesky weeds to kill them.

Step 1

Pour your 5 percent white vinegar into an empty spray bottle. Most household vinegars are between 3 percent and 5 percent. You can find the percentage on the product label.

Step 2

Add dish detergent to your spray bottle. The dish soap doesn't kill the weeds as the vinegar does. It just makes the vinegar stick to the weeds so that the vinegar can do its job.

Step 3

Shake the spray bottle to combine the two ingredients.

Step 4

Squirt the weeds in your lawn when no rain is expected.

Step 5

Sprinkle corn gluten meal over your entire lawn once the weeds have been killed. The corn gluten meal will not kill any weeds, but it will keep them from popping back up again in your lawn.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 oz. of 5% white vinegar
  • 2 tsp. dish soap
  • Large spray bottle
  • Corn gluten meal


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