How to Build a Trellis of Wisteria


Build a wisteria trellis to enhance curb appeal or add color to a spot outside. Wisteria vines grow quickly and climb trees, walls or trellises for support. This prolific climber needs pruning during the first two years, after which it grows anywhere it pleases. A 6-foot-high lattice-work trellis provides the necessary support, while adding color, fragrance and a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Wall Trellis

Step 1

Lay five 2-inch-thick wooden boards that are 5 ½-feet-long parallel to one another on the ground. Align their tops so they are in line with one another. Use a measuring tape to space them 7 inches apart.

Step 2

Lay the five 5-foot-long, 2-inch-thick wooden boards perpendicularly over the other boards. Keep the first and last perpendicular board 6 inches from the top and bottom respectively, with the three inner boards spaced equally apart.

Step 3

Hammer or drill a wood screw at each intersection to join the perpendicular boards to the parallel ones. Reinforce rickety or weak joints with additional wood screws.

Step 4

Place your trellis against your desired wall. Use a carpenter's level to align the top so it is straight and level. Keep it 5 inches from the ground, and mark three or four points on the wall where you will secure the top edges and the middle of the trellis.

Step 5

Insert hooks over the marks with a screwdriver. Carefully lift and hang the trellis over the hooks. To do this, suspend the top most perpendicular trellis board over the hooks so it is secure.

Ground Trellis

Step 1

Cut a 4-foot-wide prefabricated lattice sheet down to 5 or 6 feet if installing it in the ground. Place lengths of miter-cut molding around the edges and secure them with galvanized wire brads every 4 inches.

Step 2

Dig two 2-foot-deep holes in the ground and stand an 8-foot-high 2x4 into each.

Step 3

Install three fence brackets toward the inner edge of each post, so they are near the top, center and bottom. Make sure they form a straight line.

Step 4

Slide the lattice sheet between both brackets of both posts until it rests over the lowest bracket. Secure with galvanized nails, if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Five 5 ½-foot-long, 2-inch-thick wooden boards
  • Measuring tape
  • Five 5-foot-long, 2-inch-thick wooden boards
  • Drilling machine
  • Wood screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Hook screws
  • 4x8-foot-long wooden lattice sheet
  • Lattice molding
  • Galvanized wire brads
  • Hammer
  • Two 8-foot-long 2x4s
  • Shovel
  • 6 fence brackets


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