Annual Care for Autumn Joy Sedum Plants


A hybrid perennial also known as variety "Herbstfruede," the Autumn Joy sedum forms a handsome clump of stiff, succulent stems topped by deep pink to rosy bronze flower clusters in summer. They're easy to grow and divide to make new plants for your garden, and the dried flower stems add winter textural interest, especially when blanketed with snow. Grow Autumn Joy sedum in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 through 9.

Step 1

Clip away dried winter stems from the Autumn Joy sedum clump in early spring with pruners or sharp scissors. Make the cuts about 1/2 inch above the ground or the young, emerging foliage. Avoid snapping or pulling at the dried stems, as you may rip up or damage the new spring growth. Place the stem debris in a container to dump on the compost pile.

Step 2

Consider digging up large, old clumps of Autumn Joy sedum in early spring, too, before the new growth gets taller than 1 inch high. Dig up the clump with a garden shovel and slice the clump with the shovel blade into two or more smaller clumps. Dig holes for these divisions and replant them at the same soil depth as they grew.

Step 3

Monitor the growth of the plants across the summer. No problems arise usually, but watch for slug and snail damage in moist soil areas on tender new leaves and mealybugs or scales on plants growing in shadier locations.

Step 4

Allow the late summer Autumn Joy sedum flowers to linger well into autumn. The flower clusters ripen to tones of bronze and reddish pink. No further maintenance occurs. The dried flower stems persist into winter to add an attractive texture to the dormant winter perennial border.

Tips and Warnings

  • You may dig up and transplant this sedum during the growing season, but more watering is needed to prevent stem wilt. Flowering may not be as robust when plants must re-establish from later spring or midsummer transplanting.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruners/scissors
  • Refuse container
  • Garden shovel


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