How to Dry Lavender Flowers


Lavender is not just an attractive small shrub for the garden, it also produces a profusion of small blooms that are useful in the home. Dried lavender flowers are used in potpourri, as a herbal tea and as an aromatic addition to perfumes and homemade bath products. Lavender blooms from mid to late summer, producing flower spikes adorned with many small, lavender-hued flowers. Harvesting and drying these blooms at home allows you to enjoy the scent of the lavender year round.

Step 1

Gather a small bunch of lavender flower stems together. The bunch should be about the diameter of quarter when you look at the cut-stem end. Secure the bunch together with a rubber band.

Step 2

Tie a string to the rubber band. Hang the lavender in a dark, well-ventilated room by the string and leave to dry for two to three weeks.

Step 3

Check on the drying lavender every five days. Examine the interior of the bunch for dryness. When the entire bunch is dry, take the lavender down from where it is hanging.

Step 4

Store the dried stems of the lavender flowers in a lidded cardboard box. Alternatively, draw your hand down each stem and dislodge the flowers into a bowl. Discard the stems and save just the flowers in a cardboard box.

Tips and Warnings

  • Lavender flowers rarely dry out completely, due to the oils in the flowers that lend them their fragrance, which makes them susceptible to rot. Storing in a breathable container, such as cardboard, prevents rot. If you choose to store in a sealed container or bag, add silica gel to prevent mildew and rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber band
  • String
  • Box


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