Summer Flowers in Australia

Australia is a country of true ecological diversity, showcasing arid deserts, cool coasts and lush tropical rain forests. Despite the thundering sunshine and heat that prevails in the majority of the country during summer, there are many summer flowering plants that thrive in the hot Australian sun.

Fairy Fanflower

Native to the coastal dunes of Eastern Australia, fairy fanflower (Scaevola aemula) is a sprawling evergreen perennial that produces tiny lilac or lavender flowers throughout the summer and spring. The plant is excellent for hanging containers or as ground cover in locations near the coast, as the plant has a good tolerance of salt. The drought-tolerant flower will grow in full sun or light shade and does well in loose, well drained and sandy soils.

Wooly Buttons

Native to New South Wales and Victoria, wooly buttons (Leiocarpa panaetioides) is a flowering woody shrub that boasts silver green foliage and wiry yellow flower heads. The plant has thin oblong leaves that are covered in a slightly hairy down. Wooly buttons has a long bloom period, producing its sunny yellow flowers in both summer and spring. The plant grows in sunny locations in heavy soils and can be found in the wild in grasslands and floodplains.


Native to sandy soils in the scrublands of Eastern Australia, strawflower (Bracteantha bracteata) is an attractive annual or short-lived perennial that produces warm yellow, daisylike flowers. Blooming from the end of spring throughout the summer and into the beginning of fall, strawflowers are popular ornamentals known for their long bloom time and for their loveliness in fresh or dried bouquets. Strawflowers do best in full sunlight in moist, well-drained soils.

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