How to Plant in a Strawberry Pot


Strawberry plants grown in a container allow you to have fresh fruit and a decorative plant growing in a patio environment. Strawberries are hardy to plant in containers in all USDA growing zones as long as there is winter protection in freezing climates. A strawberry container is a tall, urn-shaped pot with many openings down the side for growing multiple plants. The strawberry pot design allows the plant runners to hang down without being crowded.

Step 1

Place stones or a piece of mesh wire in the bottom of the strawberry pot to limit the amount of soil that leaches out during watering. Fill the pot with soil up to the first planting hole. Gently tamp the soil to limit air pockets.

Step 2

Place a strawberry plant in the first hole so the crown is set even with the edge of the container. Gently pack soil around the roots to hold the plant in place. Make sure the crown is at the soil level and not buried deep into the container. Plant all holes on the first level in the same manner.

Step 3

Add soil to the container to the second level of holes. Gently tamp the soil to limit air pockets. Set strawberry plants in the holes following the same procedure as in tep 2. Continue to fill the pot and plant all remaining holes.

Step 4

Fill the strawberry pot to the top and plant two or three of the larger plants in the top area. Gently firm the soil around the roots to hold in place.

Step 5

Add sphagnum moss around the top strawberry plants and around the plants in each hole. This will prevent soil loss during watering and increase moisture retention.

Step 6

Set the pot in a location that receives a minimum of 6 hours direct sunlight. Rotate the strawberry pot every 2 to 3 days to make sure all plants receive adequate sun.

Step 7

Carefully water the pot once all plants are set. Apply enough water to penetrate the entire pot and leak out through the bottom drainage hole. Water the plants each day during the hot summer months for optimal growth.

Step 8

Fertilize the potted strawberry plants every 2 weeks once blossoms appear. Apply a high-phosphorus fertilizer for fruit plants to stimulate berry production.

Step 9

Cover the strawberry pot with netting or place a cage around it if birds or animals are causing damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry pot
  • Stones or wire mesh
  • Strawberry plants
  • High-quality potting soil
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Water
  • High-potassium fertilizer
  • Netting


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