Powered Gardening Tools

When you have a larger garden, whether the garden is part of the landscape or it is a vegetable garden, certain powered gardening tools make the preparation and care easier. Power tools could be electric or gas operated, but gas is preferred, especially for larger gardens.


A tiller is used to till the soil prior to planting. After a vegetable garden is cleared of all vegetables in the fall, use the tiller to till compost into the soil. In the spring, the tiller comes in handy when you overturn the soil to prep it for planting new seeds and plants. If the rows are wide enough, the tiller can be used to weed between the rows while the plants are young (before the roots spread out).


The garden cultivator aerates soil and weeds. It is narrower than a tiller, and comes as a hand tool, cordless or gas. For larger gardens, use a gas garden cultivator. The cordless version has to be recharged too often to cultivate a large vegetable garden. Aerating the soil is important, as it helps distribute nutrients and introduces oxygen into the soil. Look for a cultivator with an upright shaft to help reduce fatigue. A cultivator with oscillating tines prevents weeds from getting tangled in the blades.


A chipper/shredder comes in handy when you want to make your own pulverized bark. You can shred or chip branches, leaves and other non-infected garden waste to provide free compost for the garden. If you have a large garden or many flowerbeds that require mulching, the chipper pays for itself after one season. With a chipper, you also control the type of material you introduce into the gardens and landscaping.

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