How to Plant Mint Herbs


Mint thrives in a sunny or partially shaded area and prefers moist, rich soil. These invasive perennials spread by underground stems that branch out to areas up to a foot away. New plants emerge from the underground root and quickly grow to heights of a foot or two, depending on the cultivar. Available in a selection of flavors and fragrance, mint is used for seasoning in foods and tea and for scenting potpourri, sachets, soaps and lotions.

Step 1

Prepare soil for mint by mixing equal parts potting soil (or garden loam), peat moss and perlite to create loose friable soil that promotes drainage and releases nutrients slowly over the course of the summer.

Step 2

Fill a gallon container, like an old paint can, three quarters full with the soil mixture. Position the mint seedling to the original planting depth and fill in around the roots with soil. Firm down to secure the plant and remove air pockets.

Step 3

Select an area that receives six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day, and dig a hole large enough to place the pot into the soil. Insert the pot with the rim at the soil level and firm the soil down to hold the pot securely in place. The pot prevents mint from spreading to other areas of the garden by providing a barrier to the roots.

Step 4

Water deeply once a week to keep soil moist and promote lush growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Mint seedlings
  • Potting mixture (peat moss, perlite, potting soil or garden loam)
  • Gallon container
  • 18-inch stove pipe (optional)


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  • University of Illinois Extension: Mint
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