How to Design Front Yard Landscaping for Large Yards


Create an inviting yard that unifies the yard and home style to create a harmonious design. Bring in your own personal touch by planting favorite bushes, trees and flowers that reflect your lifestyle and create balance when planted together. Always reevaluate the design of the front yard as you go through the project. Don't be afraid to deviate from a plan if the plant does not fit into a specific niche, as planned. Have fun adding personal touches to the yard so the design fits with your own style.

Step 1

Create an outline or blueprint of the large front yard to evaluate the plants currently on the property and to serve as a reference as you begin designing the large front yard. Keep in mind some key components in landscape design: balance, unity and harmony.

Step 2

Consider the architectural style of the home and what types of plants and flowers blend into the style to enhance the overall look of the home. Think about how the house and design of the front yard will look from the street for maximum curb appeal and resale purposes.

Step 3

Select flowers and plants that complement each other and have similar growing requirements, if planted near each other. Investigate each plant's maximum growth to ensure appropriate spacing between each plant.

Step 4

Connect the large front yard to other areas of the home, like a backyard pergola or patio, by installing a pathway. Consider using flagstone, fieldstone, brick or crushed granite, all durable and weather-resistant stone types.

Step 5

Grow larger flowering, deciduous shrubs like lilacs and spirea in a row of three along the front of the yard to bring in color and create a mass of blooms during their growing season. Bring in one rapidly growing, large shrub like crapemyrtle to plant as a specimen plant. Remember larger yards can handle larger shrubs and trees, but use them sparingly to keep the yard looking open.

Step 6

Keep front walkways and entrances open and balanced by planting smaller shrubs and groundcovers, like creeping thyme and blue star creeper, on either side of the space. Remember balance is important, and when you plant a row of flowers on one side of the walk, always extend the design to the other side.

Step 7

Accent the large yard with perennial and annual flowers of varying heights, shapes and colors. Consider using winter-blooming evergreen plants like Kaffir lilies, hellebores, snowdrops and winter Daphne to ensure color throughout the winter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid planting too large of a tree or shrub close to a front door or foundation of the house.

Things You'll Need

  • Stones
  • Shrubs
  • Ground cover
  • Evergreens
  • Flowers


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Who Can Help

  • University of Florida Extension: Low Maintenace Landscapes
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