Free Directions for Making Wrist Corsages


A wrist corsage, or a mini-bouquet, is an arrangement of same- or different-colored flowers, with or without foliage, tied around the wrist to complement an ensemble. Corsages are appropriate for small and big gatherings alike. Some brides prefer to wear corsages as opposed to holding bouquets to keep their hands free during the ceremony. Use real or silk flowers to make a wrist corsage that matches the colors of your dress or the theme of the occasion. Add decorative lace or trim to your corsage for subtle decoration.

Step 1

Trim stem length of the two main flower heads, flower buds and foliage stems down to 2 inches. Use a sharp pair of scissors and make clean, straight cuts.

Step 2

Place the stem of a main flower over the stem of the second main flower so their blooms face opposite directions and they form an X shape. Arrange them so the stems overlap one another an inch below the blooms. Wind a length of floral tape over the intersection to bind them together.

Step 3

Place two to three flower buds over the floral tape to conceal it. Make sure you cover any visible stem length. Cut a length of floral tape and wrap it around the stems of the buds to secure them in place. You can add more buds around the central flowers to give your corsage a fuller look. Make sure you secure them with floral tape.

Step 4

Place the stems of foliage around the arrangement to frame it and give it a fuller look. These also provide a background for the flowers so they stand out. Add greenery around any two sides as an alternative to surrounding all four sides. Wind several lengths of floral tape to secure the stems of foliage to the flowers.

Step 5

Lift your corsage, turn it over carefully, and trim excess length off the greenery and flower stems.

Step 6

Wind the elastic band around your wrist and measure its size. Cut it with scissors, allowing for 1/4 inch on each side to overlap. Sew the overlapping edges together with a sewing machine, or use a needle and matching thread. Place it on a table.

Step 7

Position the floral arrangement over the center of the elastic band so it completely covers it. Sew over the tape and stems with a needle and thread to attach it to the elastic band.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 flower blooms
  • 5 flower buds
  • 2 stems of ferns or baby's breath
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Elastic band
  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Matching thread


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