How to Edge a Flower Bed With Rock


Edging a flower bed with rock can add beauty to your landscaping with relative ease. The flower bed will also stand out more from the rest of the yard when you use this inexpensive gardening trick. The benefits are not cosmetic alone, either. Edging with stones will keep the grass from invading the garden and will keep the flowers from spreading uncontrollably. The result should be a better organized and more attractive outdoor space.

Step 1

Gather plenty of rocks of all sizes and shapes. Look for interesting stones wherever you go that you find appealing. Think of places around town where you've seen large rocks that you can take back home with you. Collect more than you think you'll need, as it is better to have too many than not enough.

Step 2

Dig up the grass around the flower bed with a shovel so there is a clear distinction between the lawn and the flower bed.

Step 3

Dig a small trench along the border of the grass and the flower garden. The depth will vary depending on the size of the rocks you wish to use and how far you want them to come out of the ground. The bigger the rocks, and the more submerged you want them to be, the deeper you should dig.

Step 4

Place the rocks into the trench in a line, creating an attractive edging. Alternate larger and smaller rocks in whatever fashion you find most visually appealing. This is, after all, your flower bed and it should match your personal preferences.

Step 5

Fill in the spaces between the rocks with the dirt you removed while digging your trench. Dispose of any excess dirt.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful when mowing not to push the lawnmower over the rocks. This will cause damage to the mower. It could also cause physical harm if the mower throws up any of the rocks.

Things You'll Need

  • Rocks of various sizes and shapes
  • Shovel


  • Backyard Landscape Ideas: Flower Bed Edging Ideas
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