Landscaping With Green Japanese Maples


Native to Europe, Asia and North Africa, Japanese maples are within the genus Acer, a canopy-like tree category known for their striking leaf color and shape. Green Japanese maple varieties like threadleaf and full moon are known for their bright green and lush foliage that creates a jungly garden display when planted among the landscape. Their classic fiery fall colors and need for a smattering of shade make the green Japanese maple an ideal landscape tree. Japanese maple trees are also known for their rounded tops and cascading branches that sometimes reach the ground to create a canopy within. The USDA hardiness zones for planting are 5 to 8.

Step 1

Plant a row of green Japanese maple trees along a partial shaded area of a backyard patio or porch. Space them out wide enough to ensure maximum growth of 25 feet tall and for a makeshift privacy fence that will create a vibrant landscape display.

Step 2

Nestle a green Japanese maple tree like the full-moon maple as a specimen plant along the front yard. Stake the full-moon maple for upright growth or leave alone for a more cascading and billowing form to the garden.

Step 3

Place the green threadleaf Japanese maple in a container to rest on a stone patio or under a pergola as a focal point to the space. Watch how the deeply cut leaves help to create the mound-like and rounded form to the landscape, which the threadleaf is known for.

Step 4

Grow a green Japanese maple tree within a shaded area of a perennial flowerbed. Place the maple tree in the back corner of the bed to create a backdrop to the landscape and help frame the garden. Add in green perennials like low-growing thyme and sedum to accent the green foliage of the Japanese maple.

Tips and Warnings

  • Japanese maple trees are susceptible to wind and sun scorch so make sure the planting site is appropriate.

Things You'll Need

  • Green Japanese maple trees
  • Container


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Who Can Help

  • Mendino Maples Nursery: Caring for Maples
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