Tools for Yard Work

Yard work calls for a variety of tools consisting of specialty equipment for each specific task, from pruning and shearing to edging, cutting and lopping. Keeping your yard well maintained with the correct tools for the job reduces your worktime by preventing unnecessary overgrowth; this enables you to have more time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Whether you choose a push mower or a ride-on mower, the grass will grow thick and fast and need cutting. Mowing the grass at least once a week in the height of summer is standard practice to keep your grass looking well manicured and cared for. Keeping your grass short reduces the incidence of ticks and thus tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease.


Pruning bushes that have produced too many straggly offshoots is done with secateurs or pruning shears. Snipping back bushes to a manageable height and width encourages vigorous growth, resulting in better blossoms and a thicker, more attractive bush. Secateurs may also be used to snip suckers from saplings and to remove dead berry canes.


Hedges like privet and rhododendron need regular trimming to keep their shape and attractive appearance. Hedge trimmers make short work of this task, by reshaping overgrowth and trimming the hedge-top straight. Hedge trimmers may be electric, or manually operated using two hands, which is a more labor-intensive way of trimming your hedgerows. A topiary is a hedge that has been transformed into a geometric or animal shape using hedge trimmers.

Lopping Shears

Lopping is the term given to the task of trimming trees with low or overhanging branches that are getting in the way. Long-handled shears are used for this job, called lopping shears or loppers, which give the worker extra reach to easily shear off problem branches. Sharp blades lop off the offending branches simply and with little effort on the part of the worker.

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