List of Equipment to Start a Garden

Having the correct equipment for the job is important to get the task done right in the least amount of time. Starting a small garden may be done with a minimum of tools; however, a large garden will need motorized equipment to complete the task unless you have a large crew working together with manual garden tools.

Hand Tools

A garden spade and fork are essential if you are hand-digging your garden spot. The garden spade is used for digging down, turning the soil and incorporating organic matter, and for breaking up dirt clods. Use the garden fork for breaking the dirt clods into smaller pieces. The tines of the fork may be used for spearing weed clumps to toss to one side.

Garden Tiller

Garden tillers are useful for turning the newly worked soil into fine particles. Good tilth enables young plants to establish deep root systems. As you are tilling, loose rocks may be removed by hand to provide maximum growing room for flowers and vegetables.

Pry Bar

The lowly pry bar has many uses, including prying rocks out from difficult angles in the garden. Simply wedge the end of the pry bar as far under the rock as you can and push down as hard as possible. If your arm strength fails to shift the rock, use your foot and body weight as leverage on the end of the pry bar.


A wheelbarrow has countless uses in and around the garden. The wheelbarrow may be used for hauling off rocks, carting top soil or manure around the garden, and as a catch-all on weeding day. Plants may be quickly transported to their garden spots via a wheelbarrow.

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