How to Use Lilac As a Cut Flower


Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is a deciduous shrub with a moderate growth rate and medium to course texture. The upright branches of lilac hold the fragrant, cluster-like flowerheads that grow in white, purple and rose. Growing eight to 15 feet tall and six to 12 feet wide, lilac bushes create a showy landscape presence. Their dark green to blue heart-shaped leaves grow two to five inches long and contrast with the bright blooms. Lilac grow in a wide range of soil varieties, including heavy soil, and prefer full sun to partial shade. Tucked into a vase, lilac blooms create a vibrant display.

Step 1

Place the lilac flower immediately in water after cutting. According to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, "Early morning is the ideal time to cut fresh flowers. The flowers have had the benefit of cool night air and morning dew. Their stems are filled with water and carbohydrates and are firm to the touch."

Step 2

Place the purple lilac within a mixed bouquet of hot blooms, or red-, orange- and yellow-colored blooms, for a fiery arrangement. Place one cluster of lilacs on either side of the bouquet to cascade over the vase and frame the arrangement.

Step 3

Create a spring arrangement using sprigs of white and rose lilacs mixed with pink peonies, white phlox and white anemones. Tuck in pink and white Persian buttercups to help fill in the bouquet for a striking design.

Step 4

Make a deep jewel-toned bouquet using purple Dutch iris and purple lilacs. Add in the tall and ever-lovely monkshood to create height and add their violet to deep blue color.

Step 5

Arrange only lilac blooms, white, purple and rose, into a white or clear vase for a vibrant arrangement. Add green sprigs of Bells of Ireland or any greenery you have on hand to help frame the bouquet.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Vase


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