How to Use a Mantis Compost Tumbler


A Mantis brand tumbling composter makes turning the material inside your composter easier, which in turn leads to the material breaking down faster because users are more likely to turn material when it is easy. When using a compost tumbler, be sure it is in an area close to your house and easy to get to. Because tumbling composters also drip excess juices, often called compost tea, make sure you place your Mantis on the ground rather than a patio.

Step 1

Collect together any kitchen scraps (peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells) and yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, small twigs) and take them to your Mantis tumbler.

Step 2

Unlatch the door of the Mantis and swing it upward to open the composter. Dump your material inside and inspect what is already in there to see if it is dry, damp or soaking wet. Add water as needed to create moist material without soaking the material or leaving it dry.

Step 3

Close the Mantis by swinging the door back down and latching it. Crank the handle on the side of the composter to turn the barrel. Allow the barrel to go around one full turn so the door is back to where it was before to make adding material easy for next time.

Step 4

Turn the barrel every two or three days to keep the material inside loose and to promote decomposition. You can add material any time you are going to turn the barrel, but refrain from adding anything if the barrel becomes full to allow what's inside to break down thoroughly.

Step 5

Bring a wheelbarrow or small wagon under the composter when the material inside resembles garden soil you would buy from the store, with very few large pieces left. Open the door and turn the bin to dump the usable compost into your wheelbarrow.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never add animal waste such as bones, fats or oils into your composter, or you may end up attracting scavengers to your property.

Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen materials and yard waste
  • Mantis Composter
  • Water
  • Wheelbarrow or wagon


  • Mantis Owner's Manual

Who Can Help

  • More on Composting
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