How to Buy Grapevines


Grape vines grow in a variety of climates throughout the United States, from temperate climates to hot and arid growing zones. Depending on where you live, obtaining grapevine plants to grow in your greenhouse or home landscape proves to be an easy and brief process. This allows you to incorporate a variety of tasty fruits in your gardening endeavors.

Step 1

Obtain print catalogs from various nursery plant distributors. Comparing the prices and available stock of differing nurseries allows you the ability to pick a good deal and a healthy plant.

Step 2

Visit the USDA website to determine which plant hardiness zone in which you are located. Different zones offer different growing conditions to grapevines, making your choices dependent on your region unless you are growing in a greenhouse.

Step 3

Choose the most commonly grown strain of grapevine for your region. For example, people who live in southern California often grow Concord grapes, which are deep purple and sweet.

Step 4

Place an order with the vendor of your choice to obtain your first grapevine plant. Ordering live plants may require that you pay additional charges. As of 2010, established grapevine plants cost anywhere from $15 to $80 depending on the strain of the plant.

Step 5

Wait for your grape plant to arrive, and immediately transplant it into a planter or your garden, making sure to follow directions for care for your region.


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