Problems With Celebrity Hybrid Seeds

Some seed companies tout Celebrity hybrid tomatoes as "the perfect home garden tomato." states that this tomato produces large numbers of firm, red, flavorful tomatoes that have multiple uses, from slicing to juice to canning. Celebrity tomatoes won the "All-American Selections" award in 1984 and have been developed to be resistant to many diseases and pests that can afflict tomatoes, such as root knot nematodes. There are very few problems associated with Celebrity hybrid seeds.

Seed Storage

Celebrity hybrid tomato seeds will not keep their viability if stored improperly. Because seed packets normally contain far more seeds than the average backyard gardener needs for one summer's worth of tomato plants, it's often necessary to store unused seeds. Keep them in a cool, dry place as both moisture and warm temperatures will affect the seeds' ability to sprout in the future. If you put unused seeds into a plastic zipper bag and keep it in your refrigerator vegetable crisper (not the freezer), the majority of the seeds will retain their viability for up to four years.

Won't Reproduce True to Type

When you collect the seeds of any hybrid plant, you will be combining the genetic characteristics of two different parent plants of the same type. Celebrity tomatoes fall into this category, so their seeds can produce tomatoes that look, taste and grow differently than the tomato from which you took the seeds. Sometimes hybrid seeds can be sterile and will not sprout at all, and sometimes the seeds in the fruit they produce will not have viable seeds. If you want more Celebrity hybrid tomatoes next summer, you'll need to purchase another packet of Celebrity hybrid seeds.

Heavy-Bearing Plants

The Celebrity hybrid tomato has been bred to be a heavy producer of large tomatoes. This in itself is not a problem, but it means that you must carefully stake your plants to keep ripening fruit off the ground so it is not an easy target for snails, slugs and other ground-dwelling creatures that love to eat tomatoes.

Determinate Tomato Traits

Celebrity hybrid is considered a "determinate" type of tomato. Determinate tomatoes are more compact and stop sending out more growth once they reach their adult, producing size. This means that the plant remains smaller than "indeterminate" varieties and will produce fewer tomatoes after you harvest the first large crop, according to the Alamance County, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service's spring 2010 newsletter.

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