Rustic Garden Gate Ideas

A rustic garden gate creates a feeling of nostalgia in your landscape. Whether you use it as an entryway or as a decorative feature, it brings an element of country charm. Incorporating other rustic design ideas gives your garden a theme. Use plants, hardscape features and decorative pieces to add to your garden gate.


Recycle an old garden gate by using it as a rustic trellis. Create a focal point or soften a bare corner with the gate. The garden gate will require anchoring to support plants. Two rough wooden posts match the rustic theme. Set the posts in the ground--or in concrete for stability. Attach the gate to the posts. Plant climbing flowers at the base and train them up the trellis gate. Some plants to consider include clematis and runner beans. Look for varieties that thrive in your climate.

English Garden

Colorful and chaotic, an English garden makes an ideal place for a garden gate. The gate provides a feeling of entry into a different place and time. To further the feel of a doorway, add a wooden arbor over the gate. Complete the rustic English garden theme by painting the gate and arbor white and distressing the finish. Plant a climbing rose on each side of the arbor. Inside the garden, plant a variety of flowering annuals, perennials, shrubs and bulbs. Use a lot of different colors, heights and textures in random plantings.

Edible Garden

A rustic garden gate adds country character to a fenced-in area where you grow edibles. Whether you need to fence an area to keep out wildlife and pets or you just want to separate the space, a garden gate provides an attractive finish. Use natural materials for the fence and gate, such as stone and wood. Keep the wood natural. Cedar works well because of its weathering and durability. Add decorative hinges to the gate to provide more interest.

Pot Holder

Turn the rustic gate into a display for flowers. Hang small planters randomly over the gate for bursts of color. Use metal hoops to hold clay pots or use flat-backed planters can hook onto the gate. Fill the pots with lightweight soilless potting mix to reduce weight. You can decorate the gate with paint or leave it bare to suite your home's style.

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