How to Hold Strawberries Until Ready to Plant


As you prepare to plant strawberry plants in a growing area, your new plants will receive the best start when you place them into the earth as soon as possible. Cultivate the soil early in the spring to prepare the growing area to enable you to plant the strawberry plants. If the soil is too cold or wet and you must delay planting, hold strawberries until you are ready to plant by keeping the plants in cold storage.

Step 1

Open the packaging around the dormant strawberry plants to assess the condition of the root systems. You must keep the root systems slightly moist to prevent damage to the strawberry plants.

Step 2

Spray the roots lightly with water if you find them dry upon inspection. Do not spray to the point of saturation. A light misting spray is sufficient.

Step 3

Close the packaging again to protect the strawberry plants and help them conserve moisture.

Step 4

Place the strawberry plants into cold storage (a refrigerator is ideal). Keep the strawberry plants in cold storage for up to three days before planting them.

Things You'll Need

  • Dormant strawberry plants
  • Spray bottle (filled with water)
  • Cool storage (approximately 32 degrees Fahrenheit)


  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System: Commercial Strawberry Production
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