Crushed Rock Garden Pathway Ideas

Use crushed rock for landscaping outside your home. The natural earth tones blend well with the surrounding and increase the appeal of the area. Create a crushed rock pathway from your house to your garden or to a peaceful setting nearby. Keep it at least 30 inches wide, and edge with stone, bricks or wood to keep the crushed rock in place.


Select the shape of the crushed rock pathway. Keep it straight if covering a short distance, or make it curved if it is a long pathway. Although straight paths are functional, they lack mystery and appeal. Curved paths soften the view and provide a sense of calmness, mimicking the effects of ocean waves. Avoid narrow paths that you want to cross quickly for fear of tipping over the edges. Make it wide enough to allow you or your visitors to walk comfortably and leisurely at your own pace while enjoying the view.


Crushed rock comes in an array of types and colors, such as crushed gray rock (gravel) and cinder rock. It provides the advantage of locking into place, preventing people walking over it from slipping and injuring themselves.


Break the hardscaping by growing colorful herbs around both the edges of your pathway or on one side. Grow fragrant herbs such as lavender plants along your crushed rock pathway. Plant the herbs just close enough to the pathway so passers-by lightly brush against its foliage. You can also line the edges with low-growing herbs such as creeping thyme. Such herbs soften the visible harshness of the crushed rocks and send growing vines over the crushed rocks, releasing a mild fragrant smell when people step on them. Snip aggressive shoots off to maintain the shape.


Enhance landscaping by growing bright vegetables around your crushed rock garden pathway. Plant trailing vegetables such as watermelon or zucchini at the edges to add color to the crushed rocks and brighten the area up. It is also functional as it allows you to harvest ripe vegetables easily, without stepping into mud.


Incorporate larger rocks into a long and wide crushed rock pathway to create interest and break the monotony. Place a few rocks next to one another, or stack them a foot or two high. Grow colorful plants or place attractive containers over them for added appeal. You can also line the pathway with rocks to soften the sudden transition from the grass or bare soil to crushed rocks. Depending on personal choice, leave the rocks as they are for a natural and rustic edging or plant trailing plants next to them that cover them with their foliage as they grow.

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