Flowering Plants in Greece

Encompassing snow capped mountain ranges, lush plains and the brilliant blue coastline of the Mediterranean, Greece is a majestic country that contains a variety of lovely plant species suited to the country's climate. Greece is home to many flowering plants, many of which can be grown throughout the world in Mediterranean climates.

Lenten Rose

Native to Greece and parts of Eurasia, Lenten rose (Helleborus) is a striking perennial plant that produces delicate, rose-like blooms in late winter or early spring. Excellent for woodland environments, Lenten rose thrives in moist, well-drained soils in dappled sunlight or full shade. Soil should be neutral rather than acidic. Lenten roses are good for gardens that have pest problems, as rabbits and deer will usually avoid grazing on the plant.

Greek Oregano

Hailing from Greece and Turkey, Greek oregano is a bright green, semi-woody plant that boasts attractive, slightly hairy, oval-shaped leaves and clusters of tiny white blooms. Oregano is a popular herb that is commonly used as a seasoning in pizzas. The plant can be grown in a container, a hanging planter or directly from the garden. Like other species of oregano, Greek oregano should be planted in full sunlight in well-drained neutral or slightly alkaline soils.

Small-Flowered Tamarisk

Small-flowered tamarisk (Tamarix parviflora) is a flowering deciduous shrub that's native to Southeastern Europe, including Greece and Turkey. The wiry shrub has a loose appearance, with fragmented branches and small green leaves. The plant produces clusters of tiny, four-petaled blooms that are white and pink. Small-flowered tamarisk thrives in dry, infertile soils, preferring full sunlight.

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