How to Companion-Plant Zucchini


Companion planting is situating plants near other species that mutually benefit each other. For example, a vegetable plant may be bothered by a certain insect repelled by another plant. So it makes sense to plant these plants near each other. Also, some plants attract beneficial insects that eat bad insects that may attack a desirable plant, so they are often planted together. Companion planting creates a balance in the garden and is becoming an accepted way to plan a vegetable garden that helps lessen the need for chemical pesticides. Several types of plants work well if you're growing zucchini.

Step 1

Plant your zucchini in a well-drained location in full sun.

Step 2

Clear the area of all weeds, rocks and debris and rake smooth. Add a 1-inch layer of compost over the soil and gently work into the top 2 inches of soil. Rake the area smooth.

Step 3

Plant zucchini plants or seeds 12 to 18 inches apart if not planting anything in between them, and plant companion plants the correct distance away, using a shovel or garden spade. The companion plants can be on a row 2 to 3 feet away from the zucchini or in between the plants.

Step 4

Space the companion plants correctly so they are not crowded or shaded. The companion plants do not have to touch the zucchini plants to be beneficial, because beneficial insects move among the plants during the day and evening.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Garden spade
  • Rake


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