How to Grow Plants With Plant Lamps


Plants require energy to convert soil nutrients into growth. One method of obtaining energy is through the process of photosynthesis, or the use of sunlight. Unlike traditional standard incandescent home bulbs, the sun provides different colored rays of light. Simulating the various light rays enables home gardeners to grow plants with plant lamps indoors.

Step 1

Place indoor plants near an electrical source. Set a small, oscillating fan approximately 2 feet away from and pointing toward the plants.

Step 2

Insert a cool-white incandescent tube into a plant lamp. Insert one plant-growing tube into the plant lamp. If a third tube slot is available, insert a second plant-growing tube. Use two plant-growing tubes per cool-white tube. Repeat this step to use multiple plant lamps.

Step 3

Set each of the plant lamps 1 to 3 feet away from the indoor plants. Place high-light or full-sun plants closest to the lights and shade plants farthest away.

Step 4

Connect the plant lamps to a timer. Set the timer for four to six hours. Turn on the lamps and timer, along with an oscillating fan.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant lamps
  • Cool white fluorescent tube
  • 2 plant-growing tube light bulbs
  • Small fan
  • Timer


  • University of Missouri Extension: Lighting Indoor Houseplants
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